My name is Lisa Vail and I am Eco-Awesome! Ok, trying to be anyway, a little more each day. See, being Eco-Awesome isn’t about being perfectly “green” in everything you do. By my definition (and since I made up the term, I get to make up the definition!), it’s the willingness to try to green up the parts of your life that need it. And we all have those parts, don’t we?

DSC_0917Per example: my family lives in the super sustainable, eco-friendly house we had built a few years ago, which has all the green bells and whistles you can imagine. I am also a green-focused renovator and a writer reporting on sustainable design and manufacturers. But while I’ve got the green design thing down, I still struggle with feeding my kids healthfully (not to mention myself and my poor gluten-intolerant hubby) and have yet to start composting.

So there’s a little bit of everything on here, covering my dabbles in juicing, cooking, designing and just plain life. All seen through the “eco-awesome” lens of trying to be a little greener, one choice at a time. I’m so glad to have you along on this journey!